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Can You Raise Your Apartment's Ceiling?

In terms of renovating an apartment, it can be rather difficult to expand your available space. There are some basic (and obvious) methods to make the space appear larger, such as creating proportions by decorating with a monochrome colour plan, increasing the available amount of light, or even changing the configuration of the furniture. But short of purchasing the apartment on the other side of the party wall and knocking through, you're not going to be able to really expand your apartment. However, you might be able to increase the cubic space of your apartment if your existing ceiling is suspended.

A Facade

A suspended ceiling is essentially a ceiling facade. It's a ceiling that is securely suspended beneath the structural slab which marks the upper height of the room, and is also called a false ceiling. They can serve a number of purposes, including their relative cost-effectiveness, and the fact that they can accommodate recessed lighting, sometimes while also concealing wiring and pipes.

Panels or Tiles

Although suspended ceilings are often seen in commercial properties, they're also quite common in apartments and houses. They can sometimes be hard to identify, but generally appear to be a set of panels or tiles, as opposed to a solid structure. They're certainly not solid, and are not part of the building's frame – serving no structural purpose. When you have a suspended ceiling and are considering removing it to expand your apartment, it's a question of whether it's actually going to be worthwhile.

The Level of Suspension

The ceiling will need to be assessed, so contact a builder who specializes in apartment renovation solutions. They will need to check the level of suspension. When a ceiling is only suspended a few inches from the structural slab, the removal of the suspended ceiling might not be worthwhile, since you will still need to pay for the renovation when the results may only be negligible. However, when the degree of suspension is more pronounced, removal of the suspended ceiling can yield noticeable results.

A Few Considerations

Before proceeding with the removal of a suspended ceiling, you need to consider a few things. Any recessed lighting will be removed, and will need to be replaced with wall-mounted sconces. Wiring may be rerouted, however this is not feasible with pipes. They can be left where they are, but this will change the aesthetics of your apartment, meaning it's very much a personal choice. Additionally, you need to look at if the suspended ceiling offered any type of insulation (whether sound or temperature), and whether its loss will be an issue. And of course, you need to check whether this type of renovation is permitted under any bylaws or restrictions applicable to your specific apartment building. 

If your apartment features a suspended ceiling, ditching that suspension can be a tremendously effective way to open up your living space.

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